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Chongqing Industry Polytechnic College, established in 1956 and located near the airport area of Yubei District, is one of the public and independent tertiary colleges registered and approved by Chongqing municipal government and MOE, which covers an area of 540,000 square meters. It is one of the first 28 national model tertiary colleges in China and the first in Chongqing. There are 8 faculties including Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Automation, Construction and Environment Engineering,Computer Science, Finance and so on, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Art Design and Management. It has over 50 set specialties. There are four national–level advanced practice bases on CNC, Automobile, Mode and Electric Automation, one municipal education and practice base of equipment manufacturing industry and two application and replication centers for new technology at the municipal-level, which are equipped with perfect facilities. At present, the number of registered on-campus students reaches to 17,000 of which, there are  approximately 4,000 part-time students. The total number of full time graduates is about 100,000 since 1956. Student employment rate keeps over 98% and ranks first in Chongqing for the last consecutive ten years


Our guideline is service-targeted, employment-oriented and integrated with production, teaching and research; our orientation is to provide high quality training for required technicians in the advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. Our purpose is to set up national high-skill talent training bases featured with manufacturing equipment, automobiles and motorcycles, electronic information and modern service industries. Our long term goal is to be one of the national model tertiary colleges in China and a well-known college in the world.

In recent years, we’ve obtained the following titles: National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, Municipal Advanced Organization of College Student Management, and Municipal Advanced Organization of Vocational Graduate Employment. We have achieved three national-level second prize and 9 municipal Prizes in Teaching Achievements, one National Top Teaching Group and seven Municipal Excellent Teaching Teams, and national prizes of Tertiary College Student Skill Competition including 13 first prizes, 45 second and third prizes. 

The Department of International Affairs and School of International Education implements extensive and numerous exchange and partnership programs with over ten countries including USA, UK, Germany and Australia to advance our global initiatives  as well as strengthen international and cultural understanding.

In recent years, we have carried out more than 30 teacher training programs to over 400 teachers which yielded  nine international qualification certificates. Our college actively recommended teachers to participate in national, municipal and industrial study programs such as Talent Training Program of West China, sponsored by Ministry of Education; Chinese Language Teaching Program of America, sponsored by National Office of Chinese Language Replication; Mechatronic Training Program in Japan; Automotive Teacher Training Program in Germany, etcand more.

In recent years, we have dispatched over 40 managers to join in lots of national, municipal and collegiate leadership development programs, which largely enhanced improvement of leadership and management efficiency.

In recent years, a large number of our students have been dispatched to different countries for short-term visit, exchange learning, practice and degree study including Japan, Malaysia, UK, USA, Germany, etc.  This practice largely broadensstudentshorizon and strengthen their employability. Cooperation with University Utata Malaysia, Wales Cymoeed College and BSK Germany is unique in our international exchange and collaboration.

We have introduced over 60 short-term and long-term foreign teachers and experts from USA, Australia and Germany to teach English and conduct technical training and teaching ability development in our college. Advanced teaching experiences and management mode are introduced and taken as references to sustainably improve our teaching and research. 

We have extensively built friendships with different countries such as the USA, the UK, Korea, Japan and Vietnam to recruit foreign students. For instance, Japanese students of Hiroshima University came to study Chinese language and culture, American students from IVY Tech Community College came to study international business and Welsh students from Cymoed College toured our college. Many of the international students received major scholarships from our exchange programs. Enrollment of foreign students largely improves our international reputation and provides global exposure.

We have implemented four programs including degree study and certificate training. Firstly, we set up a joint training department with BSK Germany to deliver courses of German Language, English, Mathematics and Physics for students who prepare to study Bachelor and graduate degrees in Germany. To date, 10 students have been dispatched to German Universities of Applied Science and Technology for the academic degree and engineering qualification and 15 students are learning the relevant courses in the joint training department. Additionally we signed a cooperation agreement of [top-up] program with Malaysian universities to provide opportunities for degree acquisition. Secondly, we organized CNC and Mechatronics training programs with EBG Germany and 173 students achieved the AHK qualification certificates of German Chamber of Commerce throughout the program. Thirdly, as one of the pilot schools in Germany-China Automotive Mechatronics Training Program sponsored by MOE and five Germany Automobile Manufacturers, we organized a customized class of 30 automotive students and conducted training completely based on German training system and resources of automotive technology. Graduates through the 3-year program will achieve technical certificates issued by German automotive industry and find jobs in German automotive companies such as BMW. Lastly, we organized teacher training program of vocational education qualification with Australian Homsglen TAFE Institute and over 90 professional teachers achieved the qualification certificate after the training. 

in recent years,to improve the internationalization pf education,we actively contact high-quality universities and institutions to introduce valuable education resources for joint delivery.In 2015, we were approved to start the first program with Canadian higher education for two majors, Mechanical Engineering and Finance. This joint program enrolled 60 students in total in September,2016.This dual associate-degree program would be our specialty characteristics of our school.

To carry out the development strategy and improve the internationalization for higher vocational education of Chongqing, we led the establishment of Chongqing Vocational Education Consortium for International Cooperation, and become the first president unit for the consortium. This non-profit organization consists of Chongqing’s higher vocational colleges,export-oriented enterprises and research institutions. Guided by the international affairs department of Chongqing Education Commission, the consortium aims at integrating and sharing education resources, serving the Belt and Road national strategy, cultivating international talents and promoting scientific research cooperation.